Volatility in the Global Economy; Local Real Estate Markets Anticipating Long-Awaited New Inventory


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A few thoughts from Mark McLaughlin, Pacific Union CEO 

Today a 250-point change in the Dow represents only a 1.39% swing. We seem to experience it one way or another every day.

In today’s news alone we see headlines referencing Greece’s billions in nonperforming debt, China’s slowing economy and falling home prices, India’s healthy and growing economy, Singapore’s high end real estate collapse and oil still below $60 a barrel.

These are all extremely distracting, but very real influences on home buyers and sellers. Throughout the Bay Area inventory remains scarce, however the general consensus is that we will see new listings by the dozens in the coming weeks. It could very well be we are experiencing a cyclical slowdown that we have not seen in years.

Will this be the typical spring season where the listings start rolling out on March 1st and don’t slow again until mid-late June? My listening posts certainly confirm the possibility.

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