10 Interior Design Trends That Are So Completely Over for 2017


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Over the past few years we saw a profusion of design trends invade our homes like swarms of cicadas. A few of them (the design trends, not the insects) haven proven to be keepers; others quickly wore out their welcome, inspiring boredom, embarrassment, or even outright anger in no time flat.

The guilty parties? Well, just to name a few, shiplap continued its onslaught into our homes and away from its original habitat of the shed; the industrial look still hasn’t returned to the factories where it belongs; and barn doors belong in … well, barns.

Although in isolation many of these trends aren’t as off-putting as others we’ve seen through the years (we’re looking at you, avocado-colored appliances!), we’ve just seen way too much of them. And our stable of decor and design experts agrees: These 10 looks are on their way out, so say sayonara in 2017.

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