Local Moraga Real Estate Specialist

Are you thinking about selling your home?

  • Are you upgrading, downsizing or relocating?
  • Do you plan to stay in Moraga or are you thinking about another Lamorinda location?

Regardless of your reasons for selling or your destination, you’re facing a number of important decisions.

Sellers: the complexity has increased

  • Rapidly escalating home prices, a softening market, a rise in interest rates, a new administration that seems to be coming up with new surprises every day, changing financial regulations and electronic marketing channels have increased the complexity and raised the stakes for those who are contemplating selling their homes.
  • Homeowners who want to get maximum value for their property need a trusted adviser who understands the economic landscape, has a deep understanding of the Moraga community, knows how to prepare their property for market and will be there for them throughout the transaction.

There are many reasons to stay right here in Moraga

It may be that your family has grown and you need a larger home. Keith has helped many growing families upgrade, selling their starter homes and buying larger homes that accommodate their needs. His extensive knowledge of the community and the local real estate market as well as his long-term association with other agents means that he’s often aware of homes before they hit the competitive East Bay market so he is alert to opportunities for his clients.

Seniors and empty nesters find they no longer want the responsibility of caring for a large home and extensive landscaping. They’re thinking about a simpler lifestyle, a time when they may no longer be able to drive, where they can walk to the library or restaurants. Real estate in Moraga is among the most expensive in the Bay Area—which means that longtime homeowners have built up significant equity and want to get maximum value when they sell. Keith has been working with seniors for many years, helping them sell their homes and buy smaller homes or condominiums that are better suited to new lifestyles.

A dedicated team to take the stress out of selling and moving

Keith has built a team of movers, packers and organizers that helps his clients deal with the chaos of selling a home and moving into a new one. This team also includes handypersons, repair experts, gardeners and painters who accomplish the needed repairs and cosmetic work that can dramatically increase the value of a home. He also works with professional stagers who help showcase a home’s best features.

Communication according to your preferences

Keith understands busy lifestyles and communicates with clients according to their preferences—email, text or phone. Some people want frequent updates; others prefer weekly status reports. Keith is committed to keeping his clients informed.

Marketing makes the difference

The entire Bay Area real estate market has been experiencing an inventory problem for years. Well-priced homes that are in good condition sell quickly or for escalated prices. Yet it’s not unusual for homes to languish on the market. There are agents who stick a For Sale sign in a yard and wait for the buyers to call—a shortsighted strategy. Keith leverages a long list of resources to make sure his homes receive the visibility they deserve. He has ongoing listings in the Lamorinda Weekly and Contra Costa Times. His website, keithkatzman.com showcases his listings, and he stages open houses when appropriate and features listings in social media posts. Finally, Keith leverages his many real estate industry relationships, reaching out to other agents who might have a client who would be a perfect fit for his sellers.

Contact Keith Katzman: 925.376.7776

Contact Keith if you’re planning to sell or purchase a home in Moraga. He’s spent 30 years becoming Moraga’s real estate expert.

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